Peter O’Connell Media

With close to ten years experience devising and delivering successful media and promotion campaigns in Ireland, Peter O’Connell is well known to all national, regional and local media. From Montrose to the Munster Express he has extensive personal contacts in the areas of news, features, business and sport across broadcast, print and online outlets.

Peter deals regularly with major shows such as the Late Late Show, Today With Pat Kenny, The Last Word and The Right Hook; as well as fielding enquiries from Reuters, Associated Press and the BBC.

He has promoted works by the former Taoiseach, Garret FitzGerald; Minister for Arts, Michael D Higgins; as well as books by high profile correspondents such as Lara Marlowe and Eileen Battersby.

Peter O’Connell Media delivers a personal, practical and realistic publicity and marketing service to clients – with an emphasis on collaboration, consensus and achievable objectives within a clearly defined timeframe and budget.

From press releases to pre-interview preparation, Peter O’Connell works closely with clients to ensure maximum effect with minimum outlay.